rex harrison

by sunslide

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Reading Keith Richards autobiog - he details his use of open tunings. Here are 8 different ones applied to 'rex harrison'. Now called 'Modern Folk Music for The Home'


released February 14, 2010



Track Name: silken bone blue
oh hear me
oh hear the diamond moan
oh hear me
hear me with the silken bone

You hear me fall
you hear me cry
you hear the leaves
on the tree that died

you say it's nohing nothing
but the autumn leaves

I got your note I got your heart
it was the best thing that made me start
was it a rainbow
was it a play
was it a game world that you had today
I got your note, got your note

I hang my head, I hang my head
on that tree
hang my head you watch me bleed
watch me bleed

is it alone you see me lie
is it moonlight that hold you tight
is your heart so fair
has it turned to stone
I hang my head
see me groan
see me groan

oh see me groan
oh see
that leaf so torn
oooh oooh oooh

it's so unfair
when love is true
and you love someone else
and I'm thinkng of you

I hand my hat to the cat
who's skin and bones
skin and bones ooooh
Track Name: embers
neighbour don't fan my embers
and say your son loves it
so he's
taught something
that's precious to me

neighbour don't lie and say he's heard the wind
when he's inside howling

neighbour don't say
you don't judge
your expedience takes a pawn
and a lethal advantage will make a claim

neighbour we moved away from
anonymous city dwellers oh yeah
to the country to pursue our truth

neighbour don't goad our flame
it burns steady and true

why hurry friendship and let it burn out
why hurry friendship like potassium in water
and let it burn out - oh given the moon

neighbour don't fan my embers
and say your son is loving it
neighbour don't lie and say he's heard the wind
when he's inside howling
Track Name: steam
been so long
since we leapt into the fire
warmed our bones against its coals
died and went to heaven

your lick of paint
brushes vapours against the skin
camp fire burns within
when will you come home ooooh ?

the snow's a blank page
looking for a shadow
don't like the hush outside
we just want your consumption

the web we weave when we kiss
comes undone when we rest
the web we weave
tied together like furs and heresy

when will you come home ?
turn these embers to steam
when you come home
turn these embers to steam
Track Name: feeding lock
the moon rang for you last night
probably a wrong number
you were in the shower
cleaning your brushes

takes hours to get ready
such a box of tricks
Beauty flame in the mirror
love sticks like glue

waiting for the paint to dry
show them all downstairs
been in love with yourself so long
you redecorate the house

some numbness and tears
pills and alibis
oh hurting others
and wondering why

You're such a ghost
oh such a conceit
a gossip in the dark
a star struck key
feeding a lock
Track Name: what news
and in the still night
see the moon it creeps
and long tide clouds
make you feel this way

what news of the sea
what news of the day
that sends you back to me
back to me

in the still houred day
a surrender is gone
pin drops in the night
catch a star to let it go

what news of the blues
what news of the haze
what news of the day

how the days
how the days will close
how they close how they close

how the crescent moon
gives you news of the tide
that can not be denied

mmmm mmmm mmmm
Track Name: difficult men (redux)
difficult men wearing ties go to work
flirt with danger under white shirts
most of them have no job
sink in the quicksand up to their hats

walk a straight line along to the sand
walk a straight along to the sand
give up on jesus and what he plans
if he wants to guide you across the perfumed sea

and the men are crying just like girls x 2
oh the men cry just like girls
the men cry just like girls
as their world falls apart

oh they struggle at Church
their prayers don't even work
as the Lord breathes fire
and tells them where they are at

walk a straight line along to the dream x 2
don't give up on Jesus and see what he means
when he guides you across the perfumed sea

and all the women crying just like men x2
they've been kneeling so long they can pretend
as the world falls apart
Track Name: dark flow
you have no respect for minimal music
but you're prone to talk so much
you've no idea about the macro-time
you're able to invent a whole life

you developed a great sense of noise
(that annoys, annoys, annoys)
with a meltdown like a foundry

You develop a great sense
of collective voice
moderne as the stage school

no depth in the dark flow
no organ pulse in black coffee
a belief with no concern
no modification no linear pole

you're not Terry Riley
Track Name: new year rain
another year
another year gets me here

another year without you
it's raining outside
raining hard

it's raining hard outside
and the rain comes down
raining hard raining hard
as the rain comes down

in the deep again deep again
fragment here a tear
as rain comes

as the rain falls hard on the land
as the rain falls
Track Name: september
take me home this land is threadbare
abandon sea and renew the canvas
words have decayed, seeds have had their day
all that outgrew september fall

talk's a waterfall,
keep your eye on the ball
must 'x' mark the spot
for a maple companion ?

Perhaps one you love will show you tonight
pickling stars caught in her set
september's soaking wet

Sky's constant june
take a slice from the moon
when all the washing's done
and the fish are hung to dry

you'll take me home from this
land that's threadbare
bring me mercury's disorder
and dirty flowers from the city
Track Name: liberty
he will keep her in a jar
use her as a night light
bind her in diamond chains
to show he's in control

he don't sleep without her near
their cupboard love is forever
argue not 'bout right or wrong
- the way they sing a song

and the neighbours say 'turn it down'
this silence is too loud
holding hands
waving to the crowd
a private life no one understands

private life obama leave me out
private life obama lead me out

when you hear the birds and bees
twittering and buzzing
is nature in perfect harmony
saying 'yes we can'
'yes we can'

Track Name: hi fi
take the record from its sleeve
blow dust off side one
light bounces off the surface
turn the turntable 'on'
lift the arm between your fingers
lower the needle lightly as a flower
hear a soft lick upon the grooves
as the music starts to moan

Read the words
holding dreams between the lines
Gaze through the window
as your horizon expands
Hi fi gets you by
Hi fi gets you by

Tap your foot to the rhythmn
Board a boat, catch a plane
Get into your car and drive
to a mixtape that you made
You sing along
to what feels right for you
Your heart's an open space
and the road's an endless view
Hi fi lent a hand
but the songs made you plan